What Lies Beneath

100% in New Super Mario Bros. Wii

After a long hiatus, I have finally completed New Super Mario Bros Wii. But this war geek wonders. How come the Mushroom Kingdom always has to rely on a fat Italian-American plumber to conduct targeted assassinations against the occupier's forces? Are the fun-loving Toads so hapless against the efficient Spartan society of the Koopa Troop? Is Bowser some sort of military genius? Might Peach be a radical pacifist, preferring to have her people slaughtered and turned into bricks rather than to take up arms or use magic? Or is it much more sinister, as this whistleblower's report has us believe?

Whatever the truth, under the cheery green hills of World 1, the bones of the dead lie and await justice ...


How companies learn your secrets

A very interesting read, and a good reminder that big data is one of the next great frontiers of innovation and productivity. I should keep improving my SPSS skills then. But I'd have more of a problem with government knowing everything about me than companies. At least firms only want to sell me stuff, not regulate my life.