How Seven of Nine saved Barack Obama's Presidency

My all-time favourite bit of Obama trivia is still this: In the 2004 Illinois U.S. Senate race, Obama was pitted against the wealthy and popular Jack Ryan. But then his divorce papers were unsealed wherein his ex-wife, one Jeri Ryan, alleged that he had dragged her to sex clubs. Embarrassed, Jack Ryan dropped out and was replaced by crazy Alan Keyes, and the rest is history. There's nothing Seven of Nine can't do.


Obama's Way

A long, but well-written and very interesting profile of Barack Obama, the U.S. Presidency and the coalition intervention in Libya. What an insane job this is. I am glad that we have Obama doing it, and likely will have for four more years.


Fashion It So

Guess what, Wesley: you never look good. Just do the best you can with that weird, possibly foam-rubber jumpsuit.

Quite possibly the most awesomely hilarious blog I've ever found. Oh internets, you never cease to amaze.


Bill Clinton

One can only hope to achieve half this level of mastery in a lifetime. An impossibly accomplished person sounding authentically down-home, breaking it down without dumbing it down or making the audience feel dumb, speaking to millions as if to his best friend over a beer, twisting a shiv into his opponents with an affable smile, and delivering passion, information and guidance in copious amounts as if that was the easiest thing in the world. Easily one of the best communicators in the world.