After Trump

I'd rather be a Russian than a Democrat

Let's say the best case comes true: IMPOTUS Trump is removed from office, he and his family go to prison, and the 2020 elections result in a landslide for a progressive Democratic President and Congress.

Then what?

FauxNews and the Republican propaganda machine aren't going away. GOP congresspeople only beholden to billionaires and absolute power aren't going away. And the Republican base (see above) isn't going away either and is only one, eventually inevitable, recession or climate-change-induced disaster away from becoming even more radical. They may eat crow and accept a moderate Nikki Haley as their nominee in 2024 (who could be very competitive), but as in 2012, they will in truth be itching for a Michele Bachmann or a Herman Cain. At the latest in 2028, they will gladly vote for at least a Benito Mussolini once he presents himself. The race will then be very close because of propaganda, gerrymandering and the electoral college, and as in 2016, the new Mussolini may only be less than .05% of votes away from the Presidency. And he will certainly not be as amateurish as Trump, whose greatest ambition was only ever to be rich, eat "hamberders" and fuck models (and Ivanka), but not to, for example, exterminate all Mexicans.

As bad as this is: we may still only be getting started.

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